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Freedom to run our own business, working our own hours, work from anywhere, travel when we want.

Motto: Wonders Never Cease

You see with this disability, it will not stop me and I am determined to build my business and I can do the same for you. I can inspire you and give you hope for the future. 

  My Superpower: Creating Order out of Chaos

  • Workflows are simply the systems and processes that you've set up in your business. They break down every step of a project or task and include all information about that step. They allow you to see where you can become more efficient and where you can automate or delegate tasks. And they allow anyone to be able to replicate your workflow.

Stressed Out And Feeling Unorganized? Let's Chat!

  Mentoring the next generation of business owners

  • I am a mentor & Teacher at heart, imparting my knowledge with others to empower and transform their lives.

  We don't know what we don't know! 

  • Identifying Your Needs Before You Know Them.
  • By staying one step ahead of you, we can take things off your plate before being asked.
  • Connecting your vision to your projects, we can plan your implementation.

  Tech Ninja

  • Your working hard to build your business. But you are completely lost when it comes to your website and other systems. What if you had someone to look after your website and call on whenever you need help.
  • This is one of my favorite ways to serve other small business owners! And I can't wait to help you too!

Hi! I’m Rowena, I work with service-based business owners who are serious about using their websites & online presence to build their business.

I am a tech savvy Wonder Woman who started her IT career in 1993.  We started our first business in 1996 supporting small businesses and non-profits with IT, Web design and online services. 

Rowena Henrichs

After few years, there were businesses wanting me to manage their systems and information, which I then helped them create.  I expanded my services to include database creation and business admin systems which involved writing processes, procedures and manuals.

During 2009-2014, I was immersed in organizing many conferences and seminars and due to my expertise, they didn’t hesitate in using me to build websites and set up other business systems as well.

Hi! I’m Gavan, I have an extensive background in business and IT including Business Consultant and troubleshooter helping small business, non-profits, companies and large corporate clients.

Having worked in the IT industry for 20+ years including contracts with IBM, HP & Dell, has lead to exposure to many industries including; mining, banking, energy, retail, real estate.

While travelling around Australia for work, my passion for photography and travel has increased leading into working virtually anywhere we like.

Gavan Henrichs

Hey, Why Should You Trust Us

We started our 1st business in 1996 working hard building it up both remotely and onsite for our clients.

In 2004 we decided to pack up the car and trailer and hit the road and travel and work. We have stayed in 5 star resorts to walk-in camping in national parks. We could have picked grapes all those years and not know anything about running and building businesses.  Well yes Gavan did trim grape vines for 2 weeks and decided it was not the lifestyle he wanted. 

As we looked for clients our work became varied with both remote and onsite work. I was working VA, database, projects, websites, organizing conferences, automating systems, workflows & procedures. Gavan has worked as a business consultant, troubleshooter, IT in the mines in Qld & NSW, Payroll, call centers, customer support. We even did Workplace Health & Safety inspections and sales at one time.

One new year we had to drive into a town to find phone reception so we could roll over a price rise in their database and website. Another time we flattened the batteries watching the State of Origin, had to buy a generator to run the laptops to process BAS.  

We traveled the eastern states of Australia for 10 years, when in 2014 Rowena had relapse in her health.  

You can read more of our story here

Barb Edwards

”Cut Through The Tech, Bringing Detail & Clarity! ”


Rowena is able to explain to people by taking a difficult subject and turning it into a simpler explanation therefore making it more understandable.