Adventures of Nudge

Nudge is a Chocolate Labrador puppy hoping to become an owner trained Assistance / Service Dog in Brisbane Australia.

Join me in my adventures exploring the world and finding out what it takes to become an assistance dog.

One of my main tasks will be to help with balance and mobility, but I am not big and old enough yet to learn that task.

I have started learning everyone’s names and can find them when we play hide and seek. This is a fun game but also a task I will need to alert for help in the future.

What is Functional Neurological Disorder?

The Doctors say my mum has FND (Functional Neurological Disorder), some days her brain works fine and she is normal and then other times she gets her wires crossed and her body does not respond.  

Being told there is nothing wrong with you even if you cant move or speak is disheartening.  After years you get discarded and put in the TOO hard basket.

Functional Neurological Disorder describes a variety of physical, sensory and cognitive symptoms that are not a recognized ‘organic’ disease.

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