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Working nomads, the good, bad and frustrating

 10 years on the road 2004-2014The year was 2003 and I was still suffering with inconsistent health problems, unable to work even part time onsite at any business.Our youngest child was finishing school the following year and we would face an empty nest situation. Realizing that we were not constrained to work just from home in […]


Why We Have A Lifestyle Business

nature or nurtureShould I try the jelly babies, soft chewy and quick to swallow or eat the cobber, harder to chew and swallow if I get caught?One of my many decisions growing up and living in a unit attached to the back of our shop. Yes, I spent my formative years hiding in the lolly […]


Personal Development PLR Content

Discover The Secrets Of PLR ContentHow much easier would it be to grow your reach and your bottom line, if you were able to publish a new blog post per day?How Much Quicker Would Your List Grow?How Much More Buzz Would You Be Able To Create If You Had Something New And Engaging Out There […]


Crate Breaking Prevention Tips!

We zip tied the metal crate when it was put together to provide more stability. I watched heaps of YouTube videos of dogs escaping from the crates and decided I didn’t want to go thru that. Nudge was crate trained for the first day we got him and has never tried to escape. This came up […]


Nudges’ Early Training

Nudge had a busy first week settling into his new homeNudge 8 weeks Saturday 29th July 17Nudge 8 weeksStarted crate training and toilet training the first afternoon. He slept in a soft-sided crate in our bedroom for the first week. A sad and sick boy got a urinary infection which put his toilet training behind. I discovered […]


Adventures of Nudge

Nudge is a Chocolate Labrador puppy hoping to become an owner trained Assistance / Service Dog in Brisbane Australia. Join me in my adventures exploring the world and finding out what it takes to become an assistance dog. One of my main tasks will be to help with balance and mobility, but I am not big and old enough […]