Crate Breaking Prevention Tips!

We zip tied the metal crate when it was put together to provide more stability. I watched heaps of YouTube videos of dogs escaping from the crates and decided I didn't want to go thru that. Nudge was crate trained for the first day we got him and has never tried to escape.

This came up in my Facebook news-feed
Okay, so here's a few things we utilize on all of our wire crates to ensure dogs stay in them.
The truth is, wire crates straight from the store, are typically very easy to escape from. They have tons of weak spots where a determined and wily dog can easily push out or pull in.
The great news is this crate fix is super cheap and easy to do. A quick trip to the hardware store and about $10 bucks is all you need.
This setup, along with our crate exercise, leadership approach, and e-collar corrections for attempted escape or destruction, works for about 99% of dogs. For the other 1%ers, we use special crates.

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