How Should a Website Work?

Part 1: In this post we will look at how a modern website should be customer conversion focused.

Are you getting traffic to your website?
Are your prospects converting into customers and buying from you?
Your website may not be easy for your prospects to convert into customers, to find the answers they need or contact you.

How Should a Website Work_

How The Internet Has Changed!

In the early days of the internet business websites were meant to be static placeholders, or business cards. They were often nothing more than a single page that offered contact information and sometimes you’d see a blinking GIF advertising a product. 

Today we have a deeper understanding of how powerful the internet can be in reaching people from around the world, it’s simply not enough to throw up a simple website and leave it there.

Develop Your Internet Real Estate 

Do you consider your business domain name and website as prime real estate?
Do you want to ignore the resources it can offer you?
Or do you want to reap the profits your website can deliver by developing it into a conversion focused sales machine?

Smart business owners need as many tools as possible working together to bring in leads and convert into paying customers. Your website is just one of those tools that can work for you if designed properly.

Is Your Website Working For You?  Free Checklist

Think of your website as just one of the spokes on the marketing wheel of your business.

Ask yourself these questions first:

  • Do you have a steady stream of prospects contacting you?
  • Do your prospects mention finding your information on your website?
  • Do you have any other online profiles, such as social media, that link back to your website?

If you answered NO to any one of these questions, then your website has room for improvement.

Don’t put up a website and hope for the best!

The customers who reach out to you are often your social media followers and those who heard of you by word of mouth.

To gain more followers and customers, much effort is needed to market yourself and your site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how your site ranks in the search engines. SEO is a passive way to draw organic traffic to your site from the search engines.

Each page of your website should be optimized with specific keyword phrases so those people who search for those phrases online will find your site in their search results. These phrases should be relevant to your business, should be relevant to the content on that exact page, and should be used naturally in the content of each website page

Your Clients are looking for help, 
Give Them The answers

Your website should give each visitor the answers they are searching for about your business and how you can help them.

Think about how you’re going to answer your visitors’ questions.

  • An FAQ page is an easy way to start.
  • Writing blog posts and start content marketing.
  • Consider adding a Live Chat option that offers more interaction with visitors, thus keeping them on your website longer.

How Do You Want Your Visitors To Contact You

Think about how you want your visitors to contact you.

Encourage audience engagement by having your social media links on every page of your website.

Also include your business phone number and email address posted prominently on your site. You’d be surprised at how many sites do NOT have a phone number or at least an email posted.

Think about your prospect who is this close to buying but has just one more question and no way to contact you other than a contact form. Contact forms get lost easily in the sea of email you receive, everyone wants and expects quick answers, not excuses about why you didn’t see their email right away.

How do You plan to contact your visitors in the future? 

Do you have an opt-in offer so you can collect email addresses? 

Think about your visitors. Maybe they are too timid to contact you, or maybe the timing is not quite right for them to make a purchase or a commitment. Do not rely on them to come back to you.

Instead, give them a fantastic freebie that answers some of their questions in exchange for their email and start contacting them consistently. This does not mean sending them heaps of sales pitches; instead, offer them information that is useful, ask questions about their business, or share bits of your life experience that is relevant to what they are experiencing. 

Banish Hopeful Marketing Forever 

Hoping that your website’s unique monthly visitors will contact you is wishful thinking. We all know that visitors think, “Oh, I’ll go back to that site later,” but in reality, the URL is lost once they click away from your site.

You will have to be prepared to speak your message consistently, so you can develop name recognition and attract more loyal followers.

Make your online presence work FOR you while you sleep or go on vacation. 

  1. GIVE them a reason when they land on your site to connect with you. 
  2. TELL them why you are the answer to their prayers.
  3. SHOW them the next steps to stay in touch before they click away into internet oblivion.

That’s taking control of your marketing and your online presence.

Converting visitors into customers is the most important job that your website has!
Or is your website just existing ... never reaching its full potential?

Download the FREE checklist below and find the gaps in your website conversion process.

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