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How much easier would it be to grow your reach and your bottom line, if you were able to publish a new blog post per day?

How Much Quicker Would Your List Grow?
How Much More Buzz Would You Be Able To Create If You Had Something New And Engaging Out There Working For You Day After Day After Day?

What is PLR Content?

Piggy Makes Bank

Mini PLR Memberships

My friends Tracy and Susanne from Piggy Makes Bank came out with something that may be just what you need to level up your content marketing. They are called mini plr memberships and what I love about them is that they give you just enough content without it becoming overwhelming.

You get just enough content to make it easy to actually implement. You'll get 5 high quality plr articles, 5 emails, 5 social media posts, 5 social friendly images PLUS an Ebook Compilation of the content each month

The mini memberships are available for three different niches: Health, Self-Help, and Business. Sign up for the one that’s the best fit for your niche, or join all three and save. All the details are found at here.

PLR Memberships

That's exactly what you get with the PLR Memberships from Piggy Makes Bank. 30 fresh pieces of content (articles and blog posts), and 30 custom crafted email messages to help you engage your readers and promote the content on your site. You also get a full 6,000+ word eBook and worksheets that make a great paid product to monetize all that content.

The memberships are available for business and self-help, but don’t stop reading if you’re not in either one of those niches. Much of it can be tweaked and made applicable for your business and the market you serve.

Try Today! Download one of the free packs below


Tools For Motivation:

 Self-Help & Personal Development PLR Content

Other Sources for PLR Content:

  • Coach Glue* – Business Coaches: They design and create high-end coaching programs, workshops, and content for business coaches that you can license, brand, and sell to your own clients.
  • Easy PLR*–  You select packs of article based on the exact topics you need.
  • All Private Label Content* – You can subscribe to niche content, (Self-Improvement, Health & Wellness, Business & Marketing) memberships or you can select packs by topic here.
  • Content SparksBusiness Coaches and Consultants, Workshops, Products & Content for Coaches and Consultants.
  • PLR.meCoaching Resources, Self Development Content
  • Tools For Motivation* – Self-Help & Personal Development PLR Content
  • List Magnets* - Step by step content for niches
Health and Wellness PLR

   * My favorites that I purchase from, some links on this page are affiliate links 

10 Ideas For Using The Content Bundles From Piggy Makes Bank

Private label rights is a license where the author sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.

  • 1
    Turn the articles into a 30 Day Blog Post Series and the emails to email your list about them.
  • 2
    Share the body of the email text as social media posts with links to the blog posts
  • 3
    Take the document that includes all articles, add a title page, about the author, and recommended resources and you’ll have an eBook that you can give a way at the bottom of each blog post. Write a quick Call to Action to build your subscriber list.
  • 4
    Do the same as above, but sell the eBook to build a customer list. This could be your entry level product that not only builds this paying customer list, but also feeds into the rest of your product funnel.
  • 5
    Create a 30 Day group coaching program or interactive challenge based on the content of this package. Hand the eBook to your clients to follow along and have something to take away with them after the program runs its course.
  • 6
    Create a personal coaching program based on the same info with more personalized suggestions for each client.
  • 7
    Use the 30 topics to record 30 Facebook Live videos for your self-help audience.
  • 8
    Hold a series of self-help webinars based on the article content.
  • 9
    Use the content in each article to create a quick audio or video product. If you have a podcast here’s the content for your next 30 episodes.
  • 10
    Mix and match all of the above. Remember, this is your content. You can re-purpose it as many different times and in as many different formats as you see fit.
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